Melbourne Career Counselling: Executive Coaching, Career Transition & Outplacement

3p consulting is a Melbourne based company offering programs related to critical career path along with workplace and business interactions. We provide services dedicated to Executive coaching, career counselling , Outplacement and Career transition. Development of career in positive direction is the prime goal of every professional. We have the best career counsellors in Melbourne, professional resume writers and other experts who will help you in shaping a bright future. This is the reason that career development and effective professional communication skills are the core topics of our programs.

We offer various types of professional programs and are happy to work with people from all the levels of organisations such as managerial, professional, administrative and other. Personalised executive training programs and our trained career Advisor in Melbourne represent the fastest growing segment of executive education. Executive education is one of the fastest growing segments in the world and companies across the world are looking to incorporate this into their professional structure. Special executively trained professionals are the main requirement which every organisation is looking for. 3P consulting provides the best coaching career counselling in the various parts of Melbourne which can help managements of various organisations to develop the skill set of their executives. If you also want a reliable Melbourne Career Counselling, then contact us.

Executive coaching is necessary for overcoming leadership challenges which can be many. Often when you get a promotion and acquire a major role in a company, your responsibilities increase. It can be difficult to manage everything and cope with the stress. Therefore, getting the right guidance is crucial to help you stand strong and make yourself capable of climbing the ladder of success. When you come to us, we make sure we do the prep-work, host meetings, create your profile, gather required data and set smart goals. Additionally, we help you transform into a strong leader and also provide a final assessment. We also have a team of trained and professional resume writers and Careers Consellor in Melbourne to help you find the right job in this competitive market.

Why take executive coaching for our experts? The answer is simple. In today’s competitive time it is important you stand out. With standard education most people lack the communication skills that can get them noticed. Also, executive coaching is beneficial for emerging and established working professionals because it helps improve confidence, communication skills, and prep them for building a better career mostly as leaders. If you are looking for coaching career counselling for furthering your career by personal growth, then get in touch with us without hassle or hesitation. Our Career Advisor in Melbourne will evaluate you and ensure you get personalised solutions.

If you become a part of our business, we will prove how useful our counselling is to further your growth. Our professional resume writers, career advisors in Melbourne and career counselling services make us what we are today. We have a team of trained and skilled professionals who have years of experience to manage any problem working professionals and entrepreneur may have related to talent management. Our professionals are well versed in handling a variety of situations and experiences making them capable of meeting the expectations of clients. Thus by being associated with us, you can witness extreme growth on both professional and personal levels which is necessary for success.

The outplacement services program we offer provides in-depth analysis and personalised support from our vastly experienced staff. Also career transition programs provide professional advice to the employees from our expert consultants. Our career advisor and professional resume writers are experts in their respective fields and hold up-to-date information and knowledge regarding various industries. You can even get a chance to work for Commercialproperty2sell one of the biggest commercial real estate companies that deals in commercial properties for sale and lease in Melbourne. Career development and positive interaction programs are few of the core programs we offer which aims at uplifting the performance both the employee and organisation.

We, at 3p Consulting, take pride in offering coaching career counselling in and around Melbourne, Victoria that helps businesses to optimise targeted outcomes in a long run. Our programs and career advisors in Melbourne will assist individual managers and executives to calculate the performances of their staff and focus on achieving targeted business goals. Coaching of staff members who have a capability to grow can challenge, grow and retain skilled people. We have helped many companies in the city by creating well-customised training programs to ensure that they always have a close eye on their on-going processes and jobs. This particular program is also designed to encourage people to attain competencies required for particular project, responsibilities and other business challenges.

We’d be pleased to discuss how we may assist you or your team to meet your Career Transition, Career Development or Outplacement needs. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia such as Raywhite, Target, Lj Hooker etc. Being the most renowned Melbourne Career Counselling experts and professional resume writers, we emphasise on providing you the best solutions for your bright career.

You can rely on use to offer the personalised and executive coaching for career transition & outplacement solutions. We have a team that adapts with the changing scenarios of markets considering COVID-19 pandemic impacted the jobs and businesses of many in Melbourne, Victoria. Therefore, if you are facing difficulties after downsizing or outplacement by your employer after the pandemic or due to other reasons, we are the people who can help you get your career back on track. Please get in touch with our representatives during business hours to discuss further about our services and solutions. Call or email us now!