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Communication Skills

Executive Coaching & Training

Our Positive Interaction communication skills program provides participants with a solid foundation in communication techniques for use in a broad range of business and workplace situations.

The Positive Interaction program has been built around the most powerful elements from our other HR Development programs.


It is a means of efficiently imparting a variety of effective communication practices.

The program can be delivered through individual coaching sessions or group workshop sessions. Participants are trained in the use of techniques for interpreting situations and interacting effectively.



The program includes:

Fundamentals of effective communication

Listening & questioning - the do's and don'ts

Body language - facts and myths 

Interacting assertively - what it is and what is isn't

Managing difference - handling conflict constructively

Common communication problems - how to change the patterns



Knowing how to be effective versus just being right

Recognising and building on the more subtle elements of communication

Assessing and adapting to needs of different situations

More positive understanding of the role and impact of communication

Understanding of key principles to guide continuous improvement


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