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Career Transition & Outplacement

Melbourne Australia

We provide highly personalised outplacement and career transition services to employees at all levels in Melbourne, Australia. Employees facing departure or redeployment need to seek and compete for jobs at a time when they are likely to be experiencing a range of emotions.

Our career transition and outplacement programs focus on helping participants manage both the personal and practical aspects of their situation.

We have a solid base in career transition & outplacement in Melbourne ....

-> methodologies

-> research

-> broad commercial experience


The content of our programs appears in the program outline.

We provide individual career transition programs, group programs and combined group/individual programs to help people develop skills for moving on.

Our career transition and outplacement programs are supported by a comprehensive manual, including a detailed section on typical interview questions and strategies for answering these.

Each approach to career transition and outplacement has its own particular advantages. Please view the links to see the features of some of our programs.


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