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Assertion Skills


Executive Coaching & Training

In mature organisations, staff think and communicate in a manner which optimises outcomes for the total business, not just for their own department.

An inability to be assertive can block the exchange of information and ideas vital to a business and contribute to feelings of being stifled or not respected. This in turn may be expressed through hostility, absenteeism, under-performance and the departure of skilled personnel.

Assertive communication is about achieving win-win outcomes.


It is where the business can benefit and staff develop a healthy and positive sense of accomplishment and mutual respect.

Through assertive communication staff can share ideas, provide and seek feedback, and work towards outcomes which meet their needs whilst recognising others' needs.

We provide coaching and training programs which help people learn how to be assertive, rather than simply being aggressive or submissive, or alternating between the two.



The programs include:

Assertion - what it is and what it isn't

Being assertive vs aggressive vs passive

A range of specific assertion techniques

Creating an individual development plan

Tailored supporting materials for ongoing use



Participants learn how to:

Strive for win-win outcomes

Adapt strategies for different situations

Develop more effective approaches where needed

Build on and develop skills progressively

Use and refer back to key steps as needed



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