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Conflict Management

Executive Coaching & Training

Handled the right way, different points of view by members of an organisation can contribute to continuous improvements in services, processes and efficiency, and the development of a healthy and constructive team culture.

Handled the wrong way, different points of view between team members can contribute to a decline in services, processes and efficiency, and the development of an unhealthy and destructive team culture.

Skills for managing conflict are also vital for managing differences with clients.


A major portion of the improvements in services and products provided by organisations is attributed to their responding appropriately to dissatisfied clients.

There is no single best approach for handling all differences of opinion.

However there are a range of techniques from which people can choose the most appropriate for use in a particular situation.

We conduct 1:1 and group programs on constructive conflict management



Managers, supervisors and staff learn:

Understanding common causes of conflict

Identifying your conflict management styles, strengths & limitations

A range of alternative techniques for addressing conflict

Recognising and challenging patterns

Developing and adopting new behaviours



Participants learn how to:

Anticipate and defuse tensions

Hone in on own behaviours to improve

Choose an approach to suit the nature of the conflict

Apply skills to achieve more positive outcomes

Use and refer back to key steps as needed



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