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Coaching Skills


Executive Coaching & Training

Managers and supervisors are generally highly motivated people with a strong drive to achieve results.

Despite their best intentions, they do not always have the skills to help their staff develop the competencies needed to get those results.


To support the ongoing development of an organisation it is vital that managers and supervisors pass on key skills to their people.

We provide individual and group programs on how to coach staff effectively.



The program includes:

What to coach first - identifying development priorities

Gaining staff participation & commitment

Planning - setting goals, actions & schedules

Implementing - how to conduct coaching sessions

Monitoring - reviewing progress and addressing problems

Common communication problems - how to change the patterns



Addressing the issues which have most effect on the business

Staff know what is expected and how to achieve it

Ownership of the process by participants

Structured process ensures ongoing feedback loops

A tool for guiding continuous improvement


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