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Performance Management

Executive Coaching & Training

By maintaining continuous improvement, properly conducted performance management programs play a vital role in aligning staff skills and competencies with the needs of a business.

Many managers & supervisors who conduct performance appraisal sessions don't know how to do so effectively, simply because they've never been trained.


Lack of training can result in the sessions becoming a negative experience for the manager/supervisor and their staff, blocking the intended outcomes.

We provide training and coaching programs which teach people how to conduct and participate in effective performance appraisal sessions.



Managers, supervisors and staff learn:

Real value of performance management to them

Reasons people may be reluctant to participate

A powerful technique - helping people to self-evaluate

How to link development needs to job goals

How to prepare development plans



Employees understand what is in it for them

Managers know how to gain cooperation

Greater ownership of the process by participants

People work on skills important to the business

A tool for guiding ongoing improvement



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